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Things to Do

Here are a few ideas and resources for things to do in and around central Brittany. We included estimated travel time from Kermarc'h by car.


Here are a few recommendations for places to visit in the area


Historical landmark with regular events including a market on Sundays, flanked by several restaurants

20 mins


Home of Brocéliande, the mystical forest of Arthurian legend, also an Arthurain Center and Paimpont Abbey

1 hr 30 mins

valley of the saints_edited.jpg

Large scale, ongoing hillside art installation with megalithic-style, granite monuments of Breton saints 

 40 mins


Coastal city with medieval walls, cobbled streets, colorful half-timber houses, a cathedral, restaurants, harbor and beaches

1 hr 20 mins


Charming medieval town known for its ramparts, cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses and 14th-century castle on the Rance river

1 hr 10 mins


Breathtakingly beautiful tidal island on the Normandy coast, one of the top 10 tourist sites in France

1 hr 45 mins


Here are some of our favorite local places to eat. These are just a few recomendations, there are many, many more to explore.


Warm family-run restaurant in Saint Nicolas du Pelem specializing in thin-crust pizza as well as burgers, pasta and salads

5 mins

la belle alliance.jpeg

Women-owned lunch spot serves an inexpensive 3 course prix-fixe menu on weekdays specializing in traditional, working class cuisine

10 mins


Friendly family-run country restaurant with evolving specials and standard fare such as steak frites, burgers, fish, salads and pasta. Have some vegetarian dishes and can do vegan as well if you call ahead.

15 mins

un rayon.jpeg

Traditional creperie in the scenic woods near the Abbey de Bon-Repos and the Nantes-Brest Canal

20 mins

auberge le pelinec.jpeg

Fine dining on a picturesque small lake, be sure to make a reservation, can accommodate vegetarians if you make a reservation 3 days in advance

10 mins


Delicious, well-presented crepes in Rostrenen

20 mins

For Kids

Nearby attractions for families with kids


Amusement park in Bégard

50 mins


Zoo between Saint-Brieuc and Guingamp

50 mins


A fully restored Breton village of thatched cottages, retracing the daily life of peasants in the 19th century with activities, crafts, games and traditional food

1 hr


Amusement park between Rennes and St Malo

1 hr 40 mins


A tour of 36 life-size scenes of dinosaurs, early mammals and the evolution of humans

1 hr 40 mins

Cidreries and Breweries

Sample local ciders and beers and see how they are made


Craft brewery and brewpub in Mur de Bretagne uses local and organic ingredients

20 mins


Organic cider and juice made with old local apple varieties

45 mins


Local farm and cider house

25 mins


Specializing in juice, cider and spirits including some organic products from apples grown in their orchard.

50 mins


Breton craft brewery with a wide range of beers including organic varieties

35 mins


Producers of our current favorite local cider

1 hr 5 mins

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